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 Years ago between acting with the La. Touring Children's Theatre and performing characters for Conventions Comedy Nights and Private Parties  I realized that when the audience became involved in the performance it created a different experience and enabled the audience to "be a part of something" as oppossed to just being a spectator. The characters listed combine Storytelling, Music, Magic, Games and Sculptured Balloons. Every event is different.The people who attend the event are different.It is that diversity that allows my characters to seize the moment and help provide the energy that creates memorable moments for everyone. Birthday parties are a very special time in a child's life and that of their parents. My characters make sure that the birthday child is the center of attention.It is so important for the day to be for the child -not the entertainer. so many emotions can rise up on that special day, so it is important to be sensitive to the moods and needs of all the children. The years go by so fast, birthday memories are part of a families history. Fairs and other public events are just as just as significant. But the goal is to provide entertainment that is fun, encouraging and even inspirational. Young people are searching for their identity and it is so important to present positive influences in their lives. My characters strive to encourage and empart self esteem and the belief that "anything is possible" in this life. I used to perform over 20 characters , but this is a list of the most popular characters. I also am open to create original or historical characters for Schools or special events.    

Cowboy Bob - The craziest , singing , balloon making character the Wild West ever saw! Watch out for Cowboy Bob's upcoming C.D. "Songs of the Old West"
"The Game Show" with Bob Smiley! - Everyone gets to play! ! Excitement! Games and Prizes.
"No Beard" the Pirate - One of the "friendly" pirates that brings Stories ,Games and of course a Treasure Hunt!  
“Corky’ the Clown –One of FuzzleBob’s  first friends. Silly, Silly, and more Silly.
Super Guy! – Recently inducted into the Hall of Justice by Batman!