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Who is FuzzleBob? And "Where" is his kingdom? Many people have often wondered. Here is the story....fuzzlebob is a dinosaur ! He was purple and short and went to fairs and birthday parties for kids of all ages. I ( robert neyland ) kind of got tired of crawling around in a hot suit so I introduced a "Kingdom" of characters. FuzzleBob started in 1982 and over the years I have performed many diverse characters as well as  in many diverse locations. It combines storytelling, music, magic and lots of audience particiapation. Performing in the New Orleans and Northshore for over 25 years has provided many interesting stories and memories, but the one factor that has remained constant is my desire to see children laugh, imagine and enjoy those few short years we all have as children. I am also a children's minster and believe all children have the right to grow up in a happy and healthy environment.  Sometimes, that is not often the case. But how wonderful it is to inspire and empower children to laugh,create and care about the world we all live in. So if your celebration is in a park, a streetcar, a cruise, a school, a backyard  or even in a noisy fast food restaurant -rest assured: the crowd will all be entertained. Birthdays are a very special time in a child and in a parents life. There will be a book written about the stories and experiences I have encountered over these years, but the greatest stories and experiences have yet to have happened.......